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Platform Game

2009-08-03 15:42:40 by MisterSins

So has you know, I'm working on a platform game, it's taking some time I know... but it's going to be real cool(I hope).

What about the quizes?

Ho noes D:

I was working on one, but I left it in stand-by, because I want to work full time on this platform game! :D

It's being very hard, because I'm still learning AS2 but I'm having alot of fun. and AS2 is amazing, I really like it. ^^

I hope when I finish this project, I won't be a flash noob anymore, because I'm working real hard, and learning some serious stuff :D

Well cya ;)

Hard Work...

2009-07-27 15:21:58 by MisterSins

So... I'm going to give you a little update of what's going on! Okay, so I want to be a programmer but the only think on flash that I can do now it's Quizes, dress up games, webcam games and little bad animations...

So I'm taking the next few steps, I'm following some tutorials and trying to learn coding and how to draw better(I suck at drawing). I want to make games that are worth playing, a kickass game that would get frontapge :D

So I'm following alot of tutorials and messing with flash and doing all that so I can make better stuff... so I will not be submitting more quizes... I will probably finish this last one I'm working on and release it.

So... if any of you are good programmers and know some stuff, add me on msn: and maybe you can help me just a little bit :D

Or if you know some good tutorials e-mail them to me or post the links on a comment!!

So thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :D

Become a Pokemon Trainer

2009-07-26 23:49:18 by MisterSins

I just submited another game but this one is diferent, it's with a webcam!! But I'm 100% sure it will get blam anyway xD

But who cares, I admit that the game is very crappy I just made it to take my mind off Quizes for a while xD

Haha I'm so stupid -.-'

EDIT: Yep it got Blam!! Haha it was so crapy xD

Problably my last Quiz

2009-07-26 11:55:56 by MisterSins

Well... I'm working on a Quiz and I think it will be my last one... people keep complaining about the bad grammer and the typos... I'm Portuguese... the only English I know, I learned all by myself.

So this Quiz I'm making now can be the last one, I still have to think about it...



2009-07-26 09:57:27 by MisterSins

New Quiz released!!! Someone in the coments asked me to make a Quiz about Pokemon so there he is enjoy it!!!!! :D

Yes you can request me Quizes about diferent animes just coment this post and make your request in it! Or make the request in a review from other Quizes!

Thank you and enjoy ^^

Working on another uQuiz

2009-07-25 14:11:16 by MisterSins

I'm already working on another Quiz, I think people will LOVE this one!! When it's done I will publish it!!

But now I have to get some sleep, I don't sleep for 2 days, because I was making uWizard and uNinja...

First I get some sleep than I start working hard on the new uQuiz :D

Thank you all ^^


2009-07-25 10:06:21 by MisterSins

My last uQuiz, the uNinja gave me alot of work! But people liked it :D I'm very happy with that!

But the game had a problem, in the end when the game tells the Life Story people are not able to read the full story because of the colors... But I'm going to change tha right away :D

Thank you all ^^

New idea

2009-07-24 04:53:12 by MisterSins

I just got an amazing idea for my next uQuiz, and I think it will be awesome!!! I will start working on it right away, but this time I want to make a more complex thing has some users sujected, like putting sound and stuff.

It will be better than the other one, with more options, better graphics, and ALOT more results :D

The other one was about Harry Potter, and this one is about...

Not telling you :D hehe surprise!! ^^ but I think you will like it!! ^^

The uWizard Quiz had positive feedback and people gave me constructive critics and I will use them to improve this new Quiz! Thank you everyone ;)

I'm going to work on it right away :D

Hello World

2009-07-24 04:03:43 by MisterSins

Well I'm kinda new to this thing...

But I'm happy my first game was accepted yey!! :D

And I really like people in here, they give good feedback and give ideas to improve our work! It's an awesome community.

Well I don't know what else to say... so... bye :D

And thanks for reading this :P

Hello World