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Entry #9

Platform Game

2009-08-03 15:42:40 by MisterSins

So has you know, I'm working on a platform game, it's taking some time I know... but it's going to be real cool(I hope).

What about the quizes?

Ho noes D:

I was working on one, but I left it in stand-by, because I want to work full time on this platform game! :D

It's being very hard, because I'm still learning AS2 but I'm having alot of fun. and AS2 is amazing, I really like it. ^^

I hope when I finish this project, I won't be a flash noob anymore, because I'm working real hard, and learning some serious stuff :D

Well cya ;)


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2009-08-10 19:59:43

How long you think it will take you to finish your next project? I'd like to see it.


2009-08-25 22:20:08

Are you still up for it my white niggR


2011-01-12 21:48:48